The Sun Show
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Highly entertaining!  Award-winning! 
The hosts, field reporters, and guests of The Sun Show, an imaginary live morning t.v. show, make it both fun and interesting for children to learn why and how to protect against overexposure to the sun.  
High quality animated segments add humor, and reveal those dangerous invisible ultraviolet rays.
Developed by experts in dermatology, public health, and education for use in elementary school classrooms, each of two versions includes a Teacher’s Guide.
The Sun Show – Ages 6-8

  • Benefits and dangers of sunlight
  • The Sun’s invisible ultraviolet (UV) rays revealed
  • How UV rays damage the skin
  • Easy sun protection strategies
  • The Australian Slip! Slop! Slap! slogan
  • Getting ready for outdoor activities
  • Running time (15:10)

The Sun Show – Ages 9-11

  • How skin is damaged by ultraviolet radiation
  • Personal sun protection strategies reviewed
  • Skin cancer
  • The link between sunburns and skin cancer
  • Suntanning debunked
  • The ugly effects of overexposure to the sun
  • Running time (25:50)

Each video is enhanced by an original score, hit song clips, and closed captioning.  Plus, don’t miss the terrific new song, “Too Much Sun” that plays (with subtitled lyrics) at the end of the closing credits.  Let the children sing along!
Play previews of The Sun Show and of the original song, “Too Much Sun” >>>
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