Companies Selling Sun-protective Hats

We've found the following manufacturers and distributors for children's sun-protective hats who are willing to sell directly to schools at wholesale prices.  Many offer more hat styles than shown, and/or additional sun-protective articles.

Important Disclaimer:  Sun Safety for Kids does not endorse, guarantee, or approve any specific sun-safety products and is not a distributor nor an intermediary for sales.  Contact a manufacturer for prices.  Purchasing must be conducted directly with the manufacturer/ distributor. Sun Safety for Kids has no financial ties with any of the companies listed on this website and receives no payment for listings nor for any sales that might result.

(952) 922-1445
coolibar kids school program

Coolibar 02505C Coolibar 02700C Coolibar 02703
Microfiber Bucket Hat Girl's Crushable Cotton All Sport

(Strictly Wholesale)
1 (800) DORFMAN

3130 Olive 388 864M Khaki MM110S Woody
DF6-BLK L52-BLK L53-NAT LC325 Cream Navy
LR 155 MC1-KAKI MC30 Khaki BH16 Asst Navy


  Boys Cap

Skin Savers
(888) 991-5200

Chlorine-resistant swim cap  

Solar Eclipse3
(800) 878-9600

#230 Kids Sun Shade Cap Sunstopper (Teen/Adult)


C-Hat C-Cap

Sunday Afternoons4
(888) 874-2642

Kids Play Hat DermaSafe (Adult) Adventure (Adult)

(888) 970-1600

 Buzz Off Legionnaire Sun  Protection Hat
Legionnaire Explorer

Tilley Endurables
(800) 338-2797

T1 Kids Tilley T3 Kids Tilley

Wallaroo Hat Co.5
(888) 925-2766

Cricket Jr. Explorer
Petite Traveler Casual Traveler

1.  Styles & colors shown are a small sampling of the wide selection at Dorfman-Pacific.  No retail prices are listed as D-P is strictly wholesale.  D-P will work with schools for pricing and possible customization on large orders.
2.  Custom wholesale orders are accepted in a wide range of solid or mixed colors and your school logo can be silk-screened at no extra charge.  
3.  Solar Eclipse hats come from Arizona.  Customization (school colors, embroidery, etc.) may be possible with large orders.
4.  The "Kids Play Hat" by Sundayafternoons has a unique design combining a wrap-around brim with a short neck flap.  Shown in a patterned fabric, it may be ordered in solid colors. The "DermaSafe" and "Adventure" hats are suitable for teen students or adult staff as well as children.
5.  Wallaroo hats can be customized for color, sizing, and school logo embroidery.  Many adult hats available as well.


Individuals wishing to buy a single hat may do so from most of the companies listed (unless denoted as wholesale only) or from one of the following retailers:



2625 W. Alameda Ave., Suite 517
Burbank, CA 91505 | more contact info