Selecting a Sun-protective Hat

Ideally, a hat should shield as much of the face and neck as possible.  Baseball caps and visors provide limited protection.  However when hair covers the ears and neck (e.g., girls in secondary school) a wide-brimmed visor could be quite effective.  Among the best choices are:

Wide-brimmed hat Wide-brimmed hat
Brim of 3 to 4 inches wide all around; Chin strap optional
Legionnaire hat Legionnaire style hat
Like a baseball hat, but with a wider brim and a neck flap
Bucket hat Bucket hat
Brim at least 2 inches
Hybrid hat Hybrid hat
Wide brim plus neck flap, with chin strap

Desirable Features

  • Crushable  (The hat regains its shape after being stuffed into a backpack)
  • Undefeatable (Brim cannot easily be bent or snapped up)
  • Acceptable (A style that students will wear)
  • Customizable (School logo can be embroidered or painted on; Choice of Colors)
  • Washable

We've found the following manufacturers and distributors for children's sun-protective hats who are willing to sell directly to schools at wholesale prices.  Many offer more hat styles than shown, and/or additional sun-protective articles.



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